Departments » BE Computer Science and Engineering


       The department of computer science and engineering was formed with the primary objective of providing world class education in the field of Information Technology, while addressing the problems of today and tomorrow. One of the first departments in the state to offer a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.Right from its inception, the Department has been offering excellent infrastructural facilities with a variety of computing platforms to aspiring professional students to meet the burgeoning demands of the IT industry.

       The department endeavors to produce confident professionals tuned to real time working environment. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to inspire the students to develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them. The strength of the department lies in the highly motivated students who understand the dynamics of the industry and hone their skills accordingly

       The students of the department get placed in premier Indian and multinational IT companies and go on to attain prestigious positions.


  • To equip the students with the latest skills in the field of Computer Science and Engineering with the enhancement of practical orientation to serve the evolving needs of modern computing industry and society.


  • To produce best quality of computing professionals by imparting innovative technical education through effective teaching learning process.
  • To continue creative research in the frontier areas of emerging technologies to have a real time industrial exposure.
  • To produce competent professionals having various ethical responsibilities and good leadership qualities to serve towards the progress of the nation as assiduous citizens.


  • To innovate graduates who have enforced strong foundation in Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • The laboratory and work oriented experiences are equipped to identify, analyze, formulate and solve engineering problems which help the society.
  • To nurture ethical and responsible engineers to succeed in various engineering positions and to deploy with latest trends.
  • To produce graduates having the ability to pursue higher studies and research and also enhancing skill set to function as leaders and members of multi disciplinary teams.


  • Pertain current knowledge and adapting to emerging applications of Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Apply basic business skills, terminologies and principles in problem solving scenarios through various hands on experiences.
  • Exhibit proficiency through latest technologies to business and personal situations in demonstrating the ability for work efficacy as a part of team and apply professional behavior and ethics.
  • Pursue higher studies and research by exploring the various motivation factors in the computing discipline associated with the program to function efficiently and effectively in the modern and challenging society.